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* Container designed and manufactured to store bottles in their 2nd stage of aging.
* Its capacity varies from 300 to 588 Bordalesa bottles, 507 Burgundy bottles, 609 Elite or Seduction bottles.
* Made of steel and therefore inactive to odors, fungi and bacteria. Recyclable.
* Stackable up to 10 heights (depending on the model), robust construction and totally removable by means of a screw system.
* On its front, it has a folding door that allows easy access to the interior of it, for filling or emptying.
* The containers are served disassembled.


Exterior measurements. WIDTH: 1,225 mm x DEPTH: 1,090 mm x HEIGHT: 1,090 mm
Interior measurements. WIDTH: 1,120 mm x DEPTH: 9450 mm x HEIGHT: 920 mm
Weight 75/90 Kgs.
Finishes in: Exposure-Polyester Paint, Electrolytic Bichromated Zinc Plating, Zinc Plating 3.
304 stainless steel a.i.s.i.

120 €

120 €